Favourite make-up products

''Which make-up products do you use?'' is one of the most frequently asked questions I get on Ask.fm (http://ask.fm/masazalokar), so I decided to make a blog post. I am not going to include everything I put on my face because there are still some products I'm not really satisfied with.

Let's start with the base make-up. I have oily skin and I absolutely love this MAC product! It absorbs super quickly and makes my skin feel very soft and smooth. It balances out my combination-oily skin so that I don't get as shiny on my t-zone but I still feel hydration on the outer parts of my face.

In the middle we have Bourjois Healthy Mix. This concealer has good coverage for my acne scars, you can build it up, (best to tap it with fingers) and it's great for covering dark circles & blemishes. It dries quickly and it works perfect for my oily skin.

For foundation I've also been loving Revlon Colorstay. Since I first tried it almost 2 years ago, I fell in love. Great coverage, amazing lasting power and not expensive at all! It's a shame because it doesn't come with a pump. And some lighter shade would be pretty nice since Ivory is still a bit too dark for my skin tone, but overall I think it's great!

Moving to eye make-up. My favourite high-end mascara is definitely Babydoll by Ysl. It separates and gives them volume, and they still look pretty natural. But sometimes I want to go for more dramatic look and in this case I use ''I love extreme'' mascara by Essence. I'll talk about it more later.

White Kohl pencil is a must for eye brightening and the Dior one is very long lasting.

I'm very picky when it gets to eyeliners. My eyes are not make-up sensitive, but weather sensitive! I start ''crying'' if it's windy, sunny or cold. I start crying even if I laugh too hard, so I really need a good waterproof eyeliner and this is it! Both eyeliners are amazing an stay on place.

Ever heard of the famous ''They're Real'' mascara (and its special wand) but couldn't purchase it because it's too expensive or not affordable in this country? Forget about it because ''I love extreme'' has a very similar wand and it costs only around 3€. I love the formula of this mascara. It gives me more volume and length than any mascara I have ever tried. I honestly have never been so been happy with my lashes. It can clump a little, but I don't mind.

This will come out a little shallow, but look how cute this packaging is! This is actually the main reason why I bought it, but was surprised when I tried it on. It fits my pale skin perfectly and can be used as a bronzer, too. This blush was the limited edition by the famous Dita Von Teese, so sadly you can't purchase it anymore.

I use this eyebrow set for over a year now and I use both; darker and lighter shade. I do apply eyebrow pencil (Art Deco)  before I use this, but this product makes the perfect finish. And the brush is tiny enough for my thin eyebrows.

Last, but not least are lipsticks! I can't really pull of a red lipstick, so I'm more into nudes, pinky and peachy ones. 

Top left: Chanel, shade 37
Top right: Kiko, shade 910
Bottom left: Kiko, shade 501
Bottom right: Kiko, shade 613

That's it! I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to comment down bellow. Your honest opinion is greatly appreciated. 

Have a great week! :)

Where can I get these products?
Mac lotion - online
Healthy Mix Concealer - Muller
Revlon Clorostay - Nama (they have the lightest shade)
Babydoll mascara - Maxi
''I love extreme'' mascara - Muller
Liquid eyeliner - Muller
Gel eyeliner - Nama
Dior pencil - Muller
Catrice eyebrow set - Muller
Chanel lipstick - Muller
Kiko lipsticks - Italy (Palmanova, Trieste, Venice, Milano, Florence,...)


  1. Anonymous02:44

    Wooo ful kul :-)

  2. Anonymous08:24

    ful mi je pomagal in res ti hvala! :)

    1. Me veseli, hvala tebi :) ce pa mas se kaksno bolj natancno vprasanje pa kr prasi :)

  3. Anonymous11:29

    Ker eye liner ti je najboljsi? Nujno rabim!

    1. Tezko se odlocim med obema. Liquid je bolj intenzivna crna, medtem ko se gel eyeliner tezje razmaze pa se copic ma v pokrovcku, tko da ti tega ni treba posebi kupovat :)

  4. Anonymous09:03

    Maša kako si? :)

  5. Anonymous00:57

    super uporaben post:)

  6. Anonymous10:19

    Hej, a za obrvi mogoče uporabljaš še kaj drugega razen barvice in catrice kompletka? Tudi sama ga imam pa nikakor ne morem doseči tistega lepega 'učinka' obrvi kakršne imaš naprimer ti.

    1. samo s catrice kompletom res ne dosežeš prav lepega učinka, pa samo z barvico tudi ravno ne, če pa uporabiš oboje (najprej barvico), je pa kar solidno, čeprou še vedno iščem nekaj drugega ker nisem popolnoma zadovoljna :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hey I think any girl who uses foundation on a daily basis really understands the value of a great shade & texture. I as well am in love with the Revlon Colorstay, been so for a few years (makeup artist who was my roommate at the time suggested it). But damn, it took me 6 years to find something decent. Anyways, If you want lighter shades (as I do), try Illamasqua, it's expensive (35eur), but the variety of shades is incredible and it's really pigmented, so it takes very little to achieve a full coverage, and you can also just use it as a highlighter. About the eyeliner - I too have sensitive eyes for wind and laughing - so I def. need waterproof eyeliner, and I love especially those in gels. Catrice had an amazing one (this brand is just amazing for its price), but i can't find it in our stores anymore . :(

    Be well.

  9. Anonymous10:14

    Tudi jaz imam zelo bledo polt, rumen podton in sem zelo zadovoljna z illamasquo. Je zelo prekrivna, nekomedogena ( ne masi por ) in ne oksidira :) Uporabljam odtenek 4.5 in se razlika med obrazom in vratom/dekoltejem sploh ne pozna.

  10. Anonymous01:51

    Mogoče uporabljaš kakšno čistilno peno ali gel? Kaj pa kreme? :)

  11. Anonymous06:00

    Mislim,da ne rabiš ličil,saj si že brez njih božansko lepa! :)

  12. Anonymous03:04

    illamasqua tekoci puder je definitivno vreden svojega denarja, takega ucinka se nisem dobila pri nobenem pudru, porabi se ga pa tudi zelo malo, vsekakor vredno sprobati punce!!!

  13. Anonymous01:59

    masika ti si tak najlepša ze brez makeup-a

  14. Anonymous09:29

    kok si stara?
    a maš fanta/punco?
    a maš kondome doma?



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