It's been over a month since I last blogged! I don't have any excuses, but I do have a reason - I'm one lazy-ass girl! Another reason is - it gets dark way too quickly! So before I manage to dress up and convince a family member to take pictures of me - it's too late. Big thanks to my dad! After both brothers rejected me, it was him who was kind enough to step outside and patiently take some pictures.
I sure hope someday my pictures will be taken by someone who owns a proper camera and knows how to use it.
School is not even stressful at the moment but I seem to feel so anyway.

On the other hand I'm super excited because the real winter has finally arrived to my city! So I decided to show you my favourite outfit at the moment. I'm absolutely in love with this sweater dress. The fabric is silver which gives a metalic look. And the silver chain makes it less casual and more sophisticated.

I do hope everyone is okay and got electricity back. Last three days were pretty rough in some parts of my country.

I wish you all an amazing beginning of the week!

I'm wearing: Topshop shoes, H&M hat & leather gloves, Liu Jo dress sweater & infinity scarf, Zara bag, Amisu faux fur.


  1. Ful dober post. Noro oblečena in noro lepa Maša ! xx

  2. Všečno, take pristne "Winter Wonderland" fotke :)

  3. Mašika, prečudovita srčica si! ♥

  4. Jooj kako luškana oblekica (in seveda tudi ti! ♥♥) :)

    ( http://lucijatheprincess.blogspot.com/ )

  5. kaj si luškana :*



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