50 random facts about me

1.) I'm a huuuuge animal lover! I used to pick up abandoned cats and take care of them until someone else adopted them. The first cat I have ever saved is my fifth pet. His name is Hippy and he is the laziest, yet the most grateful cat I know. Before Hippy, I had a fish (no name), turtle Greta, parrot Jakob and a bunnie Pikica. Our sixth pet is a dog Puffy.

2.) I've never broken a single bone in my body.

3.) When I was in first grade, I wanted to change my name to Kida. Because Atlantis was my favourite disney movie and Kida was my favourite character.

4.) I have a fear of swimming and open sea because I almost drowned when I was little.

5.) When I turned 15, I pierced my nose all by myself and my mom almost killed me. I took it out after a week.

6.) I don't do any drugs, only drink alcohol occasionally.

7.) I get car-sick very easily.

8.) I'm almost always late.

9.) I can't cook. Last time I tried to cook boiled eggs and one egg exploded I swear.

10.) When I was in kindergarden, I started to cry because someone stepped on a worm. On a rainy days I used to pick up worms from sidewalk so no one could hurt them.

11.) I never fan girled over Justin Bieber, Jonas brothers or Mitchel Musso. But I was absolutely OBSESSED with Tokio Hotel, I listened to their music even though I didn't understand a single word because I obviously didn't know how to speak german.

12.) I HATE texting. I text only if it's urgent, but I hope that is going to change when I get a new phone finally.

13.) I love amusment parks and I absolutely enjoy roller coaster rides.

14.) I think my dad was the most handsome guy ever when he was younger.

15.) I ran the half marathon and almost threw up when Janković shook my hands.

16.) I can't pull off a red lipstick no matter how hard I try.

17.) I love singing, but I'm very bad at it. :(

18.) My dad has a dog too! Her name is Viva.

19.) When I was 5, I was feeding our neighbour's chicken and ran to get some lettuce, but as clumsy as I am, I tripped and bumped my head into a sculpture. You can still see the scar on my forehead.

20.)  Music makes my body move, no matter where or with who I am and what I'm doing.

21.) I used to learn German, Russian, French and Italian.

22.) I was the weird kid who liked spiders, snakes and frogs. I usually even tried to pet them.

23.) The first album I ever got is RH by Siddharta and I used to listen to it ALL THE TIME, even if all the other kids were playing games, I just sat somewhere near them and listen to music.

24.) I was such a badass.

25.)  I am probably the laziest person I know, but I can be super hard working when I have to be.

26.) I'm still in touch with my best friend from kindegarden. I'm someone who can't let go of certain people.

27.) I used to be obsessed with playing Sims. My parents didn't let me play as much as I wanted, so I got up at 2am and played Sims until my dad woke up at 6am.

28.) This is one of my best friends from high school. This picture was taken on the Eiffel tower.

29.) I got my heart broken by a boy a couple of times, the last time it got broken was over a year ago, but he hurt me so much, I lost all interest in getting into a relationship again. I might never want to get married. And never have kids.

30.) I stopped smoking weed because I always ended up crying like a baby.

31.) I used to be reaaaaaally skinny!

32.) I'm more of a cat person because I've had some really bad experiences with dogs.

33.) My celebrity crush is Alex Turner, but if I was a teenager in the 80's, I would probably go for Morten Hakrket instead. He was absolutelly stunning.

34.) This is how my natural hair used to look like:

35.) I'm really bad with names, birthdays and gifts.

36.) I'm not good with phones either. My first phone got stolen, second got run by a car, third got lost, and i accidentally dropped my fourth phone when o was taking a bath. My fifth phone stopped working by itself and now I'm pretty careful with my sixth phone.

37.) This is how I used to dress:

38.) Most people don't belive me, but as a little girl I absolutelly HATED pink colour.

39.) I loooooooove watching series! So far I've watched: Desperate Housewifes, Ugly Betty, Weeds, The Office, Drawn together, GCB, South Park, Family Guy, Skins, Gossip Girl, New Girl, 2 broke girls, Pretty little liars, The walking dead, 7 heaven, Sex and the city, Revenge, and so on.

40.) I have huge issues with falling asleep. I'm very lucky if I fall asleep before 1am.

41.) I drink only water and tea. Sometimes coffee, but I almost never drink juices or fizzy drinks.

42.) I trained almost everything: tennis, step, jazz ballet, badminton, roller skating, skating, belly dancing, athletics, rhytmics, ballet, judo, wind-surfing..

43.) My relatives are very famous.

44.) I love parties more than anything.

45.) I'm introvert and extrovert at the same time.

46.) When I'm watching movies I start to cry really fast, but I always try to hide it because I hate showing my emotions.

47.) I love wearing black because it makes me feel safe.

48.) When I was 15, a 13 year old friend of mine made me a tattoo. Next day I made a tattoo to my 11 year old brother.

49.) Being well dressed had always been one of the perks of being a fashionista's daughter.

50.) My favourite food is pasta and ice-cream. Oh, and chinese food!


  1. Anonymous06:05

    31.) I used to be reaaaaaally skinny!

    heej.tut jst mam tak problem d sm pre(suha).kako se ti je ratal zredit? jst bi se takoj! :) hvala že vnapej :)**



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